Carley Bowen, Admissions Coordinator

Carley BowenCarley Bowen has been working in the recovery field since 2016 and has been sober since 2015. She was drawn to working in recovery due to her experience. Carley’s addiction started around the age of 16 and after a few years felt like she could not recognize herself. She suffered several overdoses and found herself waking up in hospitals wishing that she died.

Carley’s addiction became her way of medicating her feelings and she just stayed numb. She ended up going through inpatient treatment six times and nothing changed for her. Carley’s last treatment episode was here at Oro House and at first, she would see how peaceful everything was around her, but felt that she could never really experience that because she wouldn’t be able to stay clean and sober.

Carley decided to give herself a chance and learn about self-love, self-acceptance, and how all people have a high potential. She learned that if other people could stay clean and sober, she could too. Carley feels having this loving support helped her to want the life that her caring team wanted her to have.

After graduating, she went to work at another treatment center for a year and then was hired at Oro House Recovery Centers. Carley was so happy to be able to help clients into treatment and offer support because she remembers how difficult that first step is.

She loves seeing people come in at their lowest and then transform and have smiles on their faces. Carley says, “The one piece of advice that I would have for someone dealing with the effects of addiction, is don’t give up. It is possible to reach the “other-side” and live a full and meaningful life. I see it happen every day – people growing into the people they were meant to be. I like to say that, I have the life I have today because of, not in spite of.“

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