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Matthew Morgan, SUDCC-IV, Primary Therapist

matthew morganMatthew Morgan is trained in various techniques, including EEG Neurofeedback, LGBTQ Focused EMDR, clinical trauma (CTP), MI, SUD Counseling, DBT, Meditation (TM), case management, and classical guitar. Matthew has worked professionally in mental health and addiction for over 17 years.

His father got clean and sober when Matthew was eight years old. After getting sober, his father worked diligently in recovery for 11 years.

During that time, and after being exposed to the recovery field, Matthew developed an interest in, and familiarity with people struggling with addiction and mental health, never thinking he may need help one day.

Matthew has personal experience with treatment centers, sober living facilities, correctional facilities, and hospitals.

He got a scholarship to detox in 2004 at the age of 28. Dr. Murphy, MD, and Steven Chatoff, RN, helped Matthew get his life back on track on the 6th floor at Brotman Medical Center.

He learned hands-on practical application of trauma resolution, the transtheoretical model, emotion regulation skills, acceptance and commitment therapy skills, the neuroscience of addiction, service work, and the risks of pain medicine and anti-anxiety drugs while simultaneously assisting those in detox.

Since 2004, Matthew has been clean and sober and applies the skills he learned from treatment, his education, and the 12 steps. he has volunteered in hospitals, institutions, and the Los Angeles County jail since 2005.

Matthew’s educational background includes an M.S. in Psychology from California Southern University and a B.A. in Human Behavior from Ryokan College Los Angeles. He is currently working toward a PsyD at CSU.

He is an Advanced Substance Abuse Disorder Certified Counselor (SUDCC-IV) and a certified Neurofeedback Instructor, enabling him to assist others in achieving certification.

Matthew has worked with over 3,000 people applying the Neurofeedback technique in various contexts of mental health, peak performance, and improving brain functioning since 2008.

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