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Non 12 Step Rehab Treatment Malibu, California

Oro House Recovery Centers offers a highly successful non 12 step rehab program in Malibu and Los Angeles, California for people who are looking for alternatives to the traditional 12-step model.

Seeking help for addiction or a substance use disorder is a great step in the right direction—and the roads to recovery are many.

While we have a deep respect for the 12-step recovery model—as it has helped countless people lead healthier substance-free lives—we also believe that it might not work for everyone, at least for initial treatment.

We feel that a comprehensive non 12 step program provides the tools necessary for recovery and a 12 step works well as a nice complement as an after-treatment approach.

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Non 12 Step Rehab Program

Why You Should Consider a Non 12 Step Rehab Program

  • Non 12 step rehab utilizes a wide range of evidence-based treatment therapies that have shown to be successful based on years of scientific research
  • This type of program offers a full spectrum of treatment not include in 12 step programs such as detox, or inpatient and outpatient services
  • It addresses the root cause of the addiction through one on one therpy in addition to group meetings
  • The program is accommodating to people from many different belief systems
  • Non 12 step rehab encourages patients to take responsibility for their recovery
  • The program creates connections by promoting a support network of family, friends, and loved ones
  • Non 12 step rehab programs believe that there’s more to addiction than simply the cravings or dependence
  • If you refuse to believe that you’re powerless against addiction—and that the common 12-step phrase, “Once an addict, always an addict,” does not hold true – a non 12 step program might be a great fit for you

Non 12 Step Rehab Approach to Recovery

Our non 12 step rehab approach to recovery is based on uncovering and addressing the social or psychological factors that impact each of our clients. This is why we created an individualized treatment plan that focuses on empowering clients towards their path to sustainable recovery.

We believe that everyone can recover from a substance use disorder and achieve lasting recovery by:

  1. Identifying and addressing the emotional and physical aspects of addiction—including underlying mental health disorders or co-occurring disorders
  2. Practicing a client-centered approach that strengthens the individual’s confidence, self-respect, and determination for recovery
  3. Employing a compassionate care model that focuses on building connections to promote healing—courtesy of a non-judgmental, loving, and supportive environment

The Oro House journey to recovery starts with a medically-supervised and holistic detoxification process to eliminate the addictive substances from the body—before we address the underlying psychological issues.

The detox stage of the rehab program lasts anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

After detox, we employ a unique and holistic residential inpatient program that treats the mind, body, and spirit. The client-centered, community, and evidence-based model empowers our clients to become better versions of themselves.

Path to Recovery
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Integrated Holistic Treatment

Sustainable wellness and health demand more than just sobriety. The non-12-step treatment program at Oro House guides clients to achieve self-actualization, independent living, and career growth, among other life goals. Our board of certified therapists teach our clients important life skills and coping mechanisms that will help them live more fulfilling lives.

The integrated holistic treatment includes evidence-based clinical therapies such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Neurofeedback
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT)

Additionally, we also offer alternative treatment modalities such as yoga, meditation, gardening, sound therapy, the RecoveryFit program, and an equine vison ride program.

This integrated holistic approach allows us to address co-occurring disorders effectively through all stages of treatment including assessment, detox, rehabilitation (inpatient and outpatient), and aftercare services. We carefully evaluate the needs of each client and even their relationships with loved ones in order to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for sustainable recovery.

Our program is specifically designed for:

  • People who have spent several years battling addiction and trying to stop their harmful habits
  • Clients with complex and unique addiction challenges
  • Those with underlying mental health problems that facilitate a complex interaction with the substance use disorder
  • Patients who have undergone several unsuccessful treatment programs
Individualized Non 12 Step Rehab

Individualized Non 12 Step Rehab – Client-Centered Approach

Addiction is a multi-faceted condition and it impacts every person differently, which is why Oro House Recovery Centers creates a customized program for each our clients .  We believe that the challenges and road to recovery are unique for each person. Our non 12 step addiction treatment program is tailored to address the individual challenges of each client.

This client-centered approach allows us to treat a wide variety of issues faced by different individuals—from professionals to young adults. The treatment program at Oro House Recovery Centers is just as effective for adults dealing with marriage and professional careers, as it is for young people transitioning into adulthood.

In line with our client-centered treatment program, we utilize SMART Recovery—which stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training.” This is basically an approach that provides structured support and guidance throughout the recovery process. In particular, the SMART Recovery Approach helps clients:

  • Build the motivation to make and stick to positive, self-directed changes in their lives
  • Learn to avoid triggers and cope with addictive urges through self-empowerment
  • Manage behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in a healthy way, free from the influence of addictive substances
  • Live a healthy, positive, and balanced life

Our non-12-step rehab program fosters an environment that’s accepting to people from different belief systems and backgrounds. Our team of experienced clinical experts draws from several eclectic approaches of addiction treatment to provide continuous individualized care. We encourage positive growth that explores the present and future, rather than the past.

Non 12 Step and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Oro House Recovery Centers believes that addiction is often linked to deep-seated concerns such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or other mental illnesses. This is known as a dual diagnosis—and it occurs in three possible ways:

  • People with mental health issues such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) may turn to addictive substances to self-medicate to relieve the negative symptoms temporarily
  • Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol may damage or alter brain function and neurochemistry, which leaves the individual susceptible to mental health problems
  • Both the substance use disorder and the mental health disorder may arise due to risk factors where one condition might have an impact on the other

Regardless of which disorder came first, both must be addressed effectively during addiction treatment rather than focusing solely on the substance use disorder. Addiction and recovery coping systems are largely ineffective unless underlying experiences of abandonment, abuse, childhood injuries, depression, and other mental health concerns are addressed.

Oro House Recovery is proud to have a clinical team of industry leaders in the field of mental health and addiction treatment, including Masters level and licensed Doctorate clinicians. These are experts who have dedicated years of their professional practice helping clients with co-occurring disorders.

Our non 12 step rehab program incorporates dual diagnosis treatment so our clients live a healthier life that’s not characterized by self-medication. Highly-qualified therapists work closely with our clients to tackle the co-occurring disorders, while allowing them to develop healthy coping techniques and greater self-awareness for sustainable recovery.

Compassionate Care

We recognize that separation, isolation, and shame sometimes characterize addiction. Our team at Oro House solves this problem by practicing the compassionate care model.

We facilitate a loving and engaging community experience to help create a sense of connection, rather than attempt to control them. Genuine care and concern—not coercion or control—is the key to sustainable recovery and improved quality of life.

Our non 12 step rehab programs in California offer clients the necessary time they need to fully detox, learn effective coping skills, and practice sobriety while addressing the underlying mental health issues associated with addiction.

Luxury Non 12 Step Rehab

For more information about our non 12 step rehab treatment for addiction, reach out to Oro House Recovery Centers toll-free at (888) 595-0235