oro house recovery

Oro House Manifesto

  1. We believe in connection, not control. We don’t need rules to hold our clients; instead, we engage with them, and hold them with our genuine care and concern.
  1. We allow our clients to maintain their dignity, and we make sure to always show them as much kindness as we possibly can.
  1. We understand that shame is counter-productive to genuine growth and healing.
  1. We believe in giving our clients enough structure to keep them safe, yet providing enough freedom to challenge their growth.
  1. We emphasize that there is more than one path to recovery. Bill Wilson, himself, stated that “AA has no monopoly on reviving alcoholics.”
  1. We want to provide each of our clients with the most positive and personally profound experience of recovery possible – the most important thing we can do is to make treatment, and recovery in general, an attractive way of life for all our clients.
  1. We believe that addiction is characterized by a profound sense of disconnection, and that the antidote to this problem comes from engagement in a loving experience of community.
  1. We seek to employ a strengths-based approach, and always work to empower our clients, to help them achieve self-efficacy, and to help them discover and connect to their passion.
  1. We teach our clients to become personally responsible for their lives, to not blame others for their problems, or to view themselves as victims. We will always maintain our sense of passion, commitment, and genuineness for the work we do with our clients.
oro house manifesto