Alcoholism Statistics and Facts

Alcoholism Statistics

When asked what they think is the most heavily abused drug in the United States, many people choose opioids, inhalants, or stimulants. In reality, the answer is a substance that many may not categorize as a drug at all: alcohol. If this comes as a surprise to you, there’s a lot about alcohol you may … Read more

Signs of a Toxic Relationship and How To Leave

signs of a toxic relationship

Signs of a Toxic relationship are a serious problem for many people in this world. It can be hard to feel good while in the middle of a harmful relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone who is dealing with severe drug addiction. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a complex situation that’s all about … Read more

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – What is It and What are the Symptoms?

fetal alcohol syndrome

Did you know that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the leading cause of preventable birth defects and developmental disabilities in the United States? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can result in a baby being born with altered facial features, lack of coordination, behavioral problems and slow growth. FAS is the most common type of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum … Read more

Healthy and Happy Gut Equals a Happy Life

healthy gut

We need to talk about a Healthy Gut! There are many ways that we have been taught to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Meditation and mindfulness. Yoga and exercise. Talk therapy and medication. Each of these tactics have their merits, and can be greatly effective in alleviating the often-debilitating symptoms of mental illness. But … Read more

How to Increase Serotonin Naturally – Serotonin Foods and Other Tips

how to increase serotonin

Why is it important to learn how to increase serotonin? Because it’s a natural mood booster that makes us feel happier and improves our mental health, among many other normal bodily functions. It’s actually quite easy to do, especially when incorporating serotonin foods and exercise into regular lifestyle habits. Every day, people are taking more … Read more

12 Common Household Products and Foods that can Cause False Positive Drug Tests

foods that can cause a false positive drug test

Did you know there are everyday household products and foods that can cause false positive drug tests? As a student or professional, there comes a time when you have to provide a urine sample for drug testing. Let’s assume you’re a strong candidate for your dream job—and the interview panel is demanding a drug test … Read more