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46 Movies About Drugs, Addiction and Alcoholism

Movies About Drugs and Addiction

Movies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism can be hard-hitting and even triggering for some people. However, they serve as a strong reminder of how addiction can impact all areas of life for those in recovery. Being in recovery for drug and alcohol substance use is an active process that must be maintained daily to remain … Read more

21 Movies About PTSD and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

films about ptsd

June is PTSD Awareness Month, so it’s fitting to recognize some of the best movies about PTSD that shed light on what it can be like to live with the aftermath of trauma. PTSD goes by many different names, such as “shellshock” and “gross stress reaction,” but it wasn’t until 1980 that the diagnostic term … Read more

23 Movies About Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder

Movies about bipolar disorder are popular because it is a mental health condition that impacts so many people from all walks of life. Bipolar can cause severe shifts in mood, from mania to debilitating depression, as well make it difficult for a person living with this illness to function normally and maintain their everyday responsibilities. … Read more

9 Movies About Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Borderline Personality Disorder Movies

The prevalence of mental health issues, not just in the U.S., but also in our own communities is not usually a common topic of discussion. However, we only have to look as far as films on the “big screen” to understand how intertwined mental illness is in our society. Movies about Borderline Personality Disorder, or … Read more

19 Movies About Mental Illness (Streaming on Netflix or Amazon)

Movies About Mental illness

Because mental health issues are so prevalent, it’s always an appropriate time to discover movies about mental illness that are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or streaming services. Many films are inherently moving. They often speak of struggles that we might be uncomfortable discussing with others. At the same time they can also help people … Read more

25 Movies About Depression

Films and Movies About Depression

Movies about depression are relatable to such a large audience because it impacts so many people. Although millions of Americans have depression, it can feel extremely isolating for anyone experiencing it. Depression presents itself in different ways for different people, and no two experiences will be the same. Yet, there are some similarities and common … Read more