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Effects of Childhood Trauma in Adults

childhood trauma

The effects of childhood trauma in adults can have a lasting impact on personal relationships, as well as an individual’s physical and mental health. If you ask a group of people for the definition of “childhood trauma,” the answers are likely to vary widely because trauma usually doesn’t occur from simply an isolated or single … Read more

June is PTSD Awareness Month

PTSD Awareness Month

Because trauma impacts so many people, June is recognized every year as PTSD Awareness Month. While some people are able to recover after a traumatic experience, many relive their worst moments over and over again. Approximately 6 people out of a 100 will develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at some point in their lives, and … Read more

Jobs for People with Anxiety – Low Stress Jobs

Jobs for People With Anxiety

Some of the best jobs for people with anxiety are low stress jobs that involve minimal interaction with other people in a calm working environment. Remote work can be ideal for people who are anxious around others, while some individuals don’t mind working with people as long as it’s in a calm setting without too … Read more

Movies About Borderline Personality Disorder BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder Movies

The prevalence of mental health might not be a common topic of discussion, but we only need to look at the big screen to understand how intertwined mental illness is in our society. BPD Movies about Borderline Personality Disorder are excellent examples of mental health issues portrayed in film. Borderline personality disorder is a mental … Read more

EMDR Therapy for PTSD and Trauma Memories

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy is a unique alternative to traditional psychotherapy treatment for PTSD, trauma, and other mental health conditions related to traumatic memories. Formally known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, it is an evidence-based treatment method that is distinctly different from other therapies. It is effective for healing and recovery when other therapies have failed … Read more

Tachyphylaxis When Drugs Stop Working


When medication effectiveness is reduced or stops working altogether, it’s common to think it may be caused by a drug tolerance, when in fact, it might be caused by Tachyphylaxis. This condition can occur with a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including antidepressants, decongestants, eye drops, nitrates, and local anesthetics. Even though Tachyphylaxis … Read more

Secondary Trauma and Traumatic Stress

Secondary Trauma and Traumatic Stress

Secondary Trauma, also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress, is a mental health issue that affects individuals who are indirectly impacted by traumatic events. It is a unique condition because those who experience it did not directly encounter the trauma causing the symptoms they struggle with. Even though they didn’t live through the stress and anxiety … Read more

Learned Helplessness Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Learned Helplessness Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Learned helplessness is a condition that occurs when an individual feels helpless and unable to control or change a difficult situation even when a solution is available. It often arises after experiencing a traumatic event or a series of repeated events, like being abused as a child. This causes a person to believe that no … Read more

How to Increase Serotonin Naturally – Serotonin Foods and Tips

How to Increase Serotonin

Learning how to how to increase serotonin is beneficial because it’s a natural mood booster that makes us feel happier and improves our mental health and bodily functions. It’s actually quite easy to do, especially when incorporating serotonin foods and exercise into regular lifestyle habits. Every day, people are taking more and more responsibility for … Read more

How to Lower Cortisol Levels For Better Health

How to Lower Cortisol

Many people want to learn how to lower cortisol levels to reduce stress and improve mental health. Often referred to as the “stress hormone,” cortisol is an important part of our chemical makeup. Healthy cortisol levels regulate many bodily functions, such as helping us get out of bed in the morning. Too much cortisol, however, … Read more