Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

histrionic personality disorder

The general public often misunderstands personality disorders. These are complex mental illnesses that might present as quirky or difficult personalities. In many cases, a person suffering from a personality disorder is unable to recognize their own condition even when presented with its evidence. This is especially true in the case of Histrionic Personality Disorder. An … Read more

CBT vs DBT – Similar Yet Different Behavioral Therapies

cbt vs dbt

Behavioral therapies, like CBT vs DBT, are terms that sound more intimidating than they are in actuality. Sometimes called psycho-social interventions, these types of therapies are really just a form of communicating and learning about ourselves with guidance from a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Two of the most common and effective behavioral therapies are Cognitive … Read more

MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD

mdma assisted psychotherapy for ptsd

In late 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized a breakthrough therapy designation to study the effects of MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD Treatment to help people struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Full approval for this therapeutic approach could come as early as 2021 or 2022. In popular culture, MDMA, which also goes by … Read more

Men’s Health Month: Top 7 Tips

mens health month

Men’s Health Month is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. From a young age, many boys are told to “man up” and they shouldn’t get emotional or show any signs of weakness. This carries through to adulthood so they build a tough exterior to suppress their inner feelings and don’t open up to others emotionally as … Read more

June is PTSD Awareness Month

ptsd awareness month

Because trauma impacts so many people, June is PTSD Awareness Month and recognized every year. While some people are able to recover after a traumatic experience, many relive their worst moments over and over… and over again. Approximately 7 to 8 people out of a 100 will develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at some … Read more

5 Types of PTSD and Treatment for Trauma

different types of ptsd

In the last several decades, it’s become clear to health care experts that anyone can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and properly diagnosing one of the 5 types of PTSD will form the basis for successfully treating the condition. PTSD is often brought on by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, such as rape, sexual … Read more

How to Let Go of the Need for Approval

need for approval

Your dreams and ambitions can be drowned out by the need for approval from significant others. Looking for validation is deep rooted in us as it makes us feel included, and it’s an integral part of childhood. We learn to seek approval from our parents, teachers, and friends to find out more about our place … Read more

What are 10 Personality Disorders and 3 Types of Clusters?

personality disorders

Many mental health conditions often overlap with each other and share similar characteristics. Grouping them into categories can make them easier to identify and treat, like with the 10 personality disorders, which are further broken down into 3 personality disorder clusters according to their traits. Sometimes people who struggle in social settings like work, school, … Read more

Borderline Personality Disorder and Addiction

borderline personality disorder and addiction

Examining the correlation between the 10 types of personality disorders and substance use, one of the most common links appears with Borderline Personality Disorder and addiction. When it comes to mental health and issues of substance abuse or addiction, there is undoubtedly a direct connection. In some cases, a substance use disorder can lead to … Read more

Alcohol Dementia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

alcohol dementia

Note: Alcohol Dementia goes by many names including, alcohol-related dementia, alcoholic dementia, and alcohol-induced dementia. April is Alcohol Awareness Month and it’s an ideal time to examine some of the health concerns surrounding alcohol use and misuse so everyone can be better informed about the dangers of this widely accepted substance of choice for many … Read more