Men’s Health Month: Top 7 Tips

mens health month

Men’s Health Month is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. From a young age, many boys are told to “man up” and they shouldn’t get emotional or show any signs of weakness. This carries through to adulthood so they build a tough exterior to suppress their inner feelings and don’t open up to others emotionally as … Read more

Alcoholic Neuropathy Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Alcoholic Neuropathy

Excessive alcohol consumption, especially for long-term drinkers, can create a host of difficult health issues. Of course, there is the potential for addiction, but developing a painful condition known as Alcoholic Neuropathy is something few people know about. Nerve damage from this condition can be permanent, although many of the painful symptoms are likely to … Read more

Sober Happy Hour – Alcohol-Free Way to Drink and Socialize

sober happy hour

Sober Happy Hour is a growing movement to continue socializing while drinking alcohol-free drinks. And it’s not as boring as some might think. One of the hardest things, especially for people new to recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, is not just the adjustment to literal sobriety, but also the change in personal social rituals. … Read more

Dry January – 12 Tips For a Successful Sober New Year

dry january

New Year’s resolutions can feel like a formula for failure, especially if we’re trying to change long-held, unhealthy habits like consuming too much alcohol. Enter Dry January, a social movement widely attributed to a campaign started by a nonprofit organization in the UK around 2014. Dry January was such a resounding success in the UK … Read more

How to Lower Cortisol Levels Naturally – 7 Ways

how to lower cortisol

Many people want to know how to lower cortisol levels, and for good reason. Often referred to as the “stress hormone,” cortisol is an important part of our chemical makeup. Healthy cortisol levels regulate all sorts of bodily functions, such as helping us get out of bed in the morning. Too much cortisol, however, is … Read more

No Sugar Diet and Benefits of Quitting Sugar

no sugar diet

As delicious as a sweet treat can be from time to time, most of us don’t realize the amount of added sugar we’re consuming every single day. If we understood the health benefits of quitting sugar and a no sugar diet we would look at those treats differently. The recommended amount of daily sugar consumption … Read more

Sound Baths: A Relaxing Experience for Inner and Outer Healing

sound therapy

By now you have likely heard the phrase “Sound Therapy.” While this method of natural healing has been making a resurgence and is often considered to be a new, trendy concept, it actually has a rich, ancient history that dates back to 4000 B.C. In modern day, Sound Healing rituals known as Sound Baths are … Read more

6 Ways to Increase GABA Naturally For Anxiety Without Benzos

increase gaba naturally

Finding ways to increase GABA naturally to be less stressed out might be an alternative for some people, instead of using medications like benzodiazapines for anxiety. Sometimes it seems like there’s no end to the stress and pressure that comes with day-to-day life. For many people, feeling tense and anxious is their default setting and … Read more

Gratitude Jar Ideas and How To Create One

gratitude jar

It’s the perfect time to create a gratitude jar and start things on a positive note. As humans, it’s common for us to look for the bad – not because we are cynical – but because we are looking for what we have to fix in our lives. The downside to this way of thinking … Read more

Healthy Boundaries In Relationships

Boundaries in Relationships

The entertainment industry has a lot to say about relationships but what about boundaries in relationships? Movies, books, TV shows and even musical lyrics provide a similar definition of love: love means that a partner can treat you however he or she wants, and because you love each other, you must always forgive. The truth … Read more