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Happy Hormones Boost Feel-Good Brain Chemicals

Happy Hormones

“Happiness Hormones” is a term used to describe to certain types of feel good happy chemicals in the brain. These happiness chemicals play an important role in regulating mood and emotions and contribute to our feelings of happiness, pleasure, and positive mental health. When a person’s brain chemistry is working properly, they feel happy and … Read more

Red Ribbon Week Drug Prevention Awareness Campaign

Red Ribbon Week Drug Prevention Awareness Campaign

Red Ribbon Week is an essential awareness campaign held every year from October 23 to 31 throughout the United States to prevent violence and drug use by children and teens. As the nation’s largest and oldest drug prevention initiative, it is beneficial way to create awareness and encourage kids to learn about the importance of … Read more

Pain Awareness Month in September

pain awareness month

September is recognized as Pain Awareness Month to better educate those who deal with pain on a regular basis. Sadly, over 14 million people worldwide live in perpetual pain. In the United States, the CDC estimates that about 20.4% of adults live with constant chronic pain. That is a lot of people who live in … Read more

Polypharmacy in the Elderly, Statistics and Prevention

Polypharmacy in the Elderly

The literal Polypharmacy definition is “many medications.” Most healthcare providers consider polypharmacy in the elderly to include patients who are 65-years of age or older that are taking five or more medications on a daily basis. While taking five or more medications every day may be unavoidable for some people, it’s important to understand polypharmacy … Read more

The Great American Smokeout

the great american smokeout 1

Join together with others across the nation to participate in The Great American Smokeout recognized every year on the third Thursday in November.  This year it falls on November 17, 2022 Quitting smoking can be hard, but with support, tools and a clear date in mind, it can be done. We stand firmly behind this … Read more

10 Self Care Ideas and Tips for Self Care Awareness Month

self care ideas

Protecting our physical and mental wellbeing has to be a priority in our life, which is why taking advantage of helpful self care ideas and discovering new self care tips is so important. The month of September is recognized as National Self Care Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time to practice self-care ideas and … Read more

Men’s Health Month – Top 7 Tips

mens health month

Men’s Health Month is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. From a young age, many boys are told to “man up” and they shouldn’t get emotional or show any signs of weakness. This carries through to adulthood so they build a tough exterior to suppress their inner feelings and don’t open up to others emotionally as … Read more

Alcoholic Neuropathy Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Alcoholic Neuropathy

Excessive alcohol consumption, especially for long-term drinkers, can create a host of difficult health issues. Of course, there is the potential for addiction, but developing a painful condition known as Alcoholic Neuropathy is something few people know about. Nerve damage from this condition can be permanent, although many of the painful symptoms are likely to … Read more

Sober Happy Hour Alcohol-Free Way to Drink and Socialize

sober happy hour

Sober Happy Hour is a growing movement to continue socializing while drinking alcohol-free drinks. And it’s not as boring as some might think. One of the hardest things, especially for people new to recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, is not just the adjustment to literal sobriety, but also the change in personal social rituals. … Read more