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Alcohol and Anxiety. Is There a Relationship?

alcohol and anxiety

Is There a Relationship to Drinking Alcohol and Anxiety? Alcohol affects our mood in many ways by altering brain activity. Alcohol also causes dehydration and alters blood sugar levels which can cause nervousness and shaking. Heavy drinking has been shown to increase the risk for developing anxiety disorder in many people. What comes first anxiety … Read more

The Meaning of Codependency and Codependent Behaviors


While most of us may not fully understand the meaning of codependency, we probably know somebody that is in a codependent relationship. Would you be surprised to hear that codependency affects the majority of Americans? The root cause of suffering is the loss of connection, especially the connection with your core self. Often this loss … Read more

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder / OCD

obsessive compulsive disorder ocd

The term Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / OCD is often used casually in conversation, however, it’s a serious illness. People suffering from OCD have obsessive unwanted intrusive thoughts. These unwanted, invasive thoughts can lead a person to seek relief by carrying out repetitive behaviors – known as compulsions or obsessions. Each person is affected by their own … Read more