The Science of Meditation

science of meditation

Thanks to the Dalai Lama, the the powerful healing effects behind the science of meditation has been demystified. Meditation has long been known to relax the central nervous system, offering a potent stress reduction method. However, the tangible evidence-backed science has only become popularized in the past century – allowing skeptics and naysayers to jump … Read more

Self Esteem – High Not Low Self Esteem Effects Success

self esteem

Self-esteem is cherished by the mainstream and viewed as a panacea – a cure-all formula for living a healthy, happy life. Taken at surface value, the concept of being more confident and improving the chances of success feels good, but how true is this perception? Increasing self-confidence is the focus of many self-help gurus who … Read more

Seasonal Depression – Symptoms and Treatment

seasonal depression

The fall and winter seasons can be exceptionally beautiful, as trees shed their leaves and give way to colder temperatures and a blanket of snow in some parts of the country. However, this time of year can also bring on mental health challenges, such as seasonal depression. The added isolation of quarantine, because of the … Read more

Is Hangxiety (Hangover Anxiety) From Alcohol a Real Thing?


Have you ever experienced a bout of hangover anxiety after a night of drinking alcohol? If so, you know that Hangxiety is a very real thing. Drinking alcohol, especially to excess, affects everyone differently. Some wake up the next day and feel just fine. Others barely make it out of bed, and the brave ones … Read more

Benefits of Endorphins and 6 Natural Ways to Increase Them


Endorphins have become a “buzzword” for health and wellbeing, and for good reason. But whether most people really understand the benefits of endorphins and the role they play in our life is another matter. The word “endorphin” is a combination of the words endogenous and morphine. Endogenous means within or inside the body, and morphine … Read more

How To Increase Dopamine Naturally – 6 Dopamine Boosters

increase dopamine naturally

There’s no shortage of dopamine supplements that claim to improve mood or energy, yet it’s unknown if they actually work. Most people are more interested in understanding how to increase dopamine naturally for better mental health. When it comes to good health and wellbeing, dopamine is one of those unavoidable buzzwords that’s always in the … Read more

Burnout is Now Officially Classified as a Mental Illness


There are now over 200 classifications of mental illness, the most recent being “Burnout.” Mental illness comes in many forms. One in five adults in the United States (43.8 million per year) experience mental illness and a massive 23% of time lost in both work and life is due to a mental disorder, according to … Read more

Stressed Out? What are Stress vs Anxiety Symptoms

Stressed Out

Are you stressed out not knowing wether you’re suffering from Anxiety or Stress? Though they may sound similar to many people, it’s important to recognize the difference between stress vs anxiety. There is no avoiding the inevitable challenges that come with being human. Whether our problems are physical, mental, spiritual, financial, or involve any other … Read more

High Functioning Anxiety – What is it, Symptoms and Treatment

high functioning anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness in the U.S. They come in many forms and are experienced differently in different people. It’s not something that can always be easily identified, especially when it comes to high functioning anxiety. Those with high functioning anxiety are often the quintessential overachiever, succeeding in everything … Read more

Jobs for People with Anxiety (Low Stress Jobs)

jobs for people with anxiety

Lets look at some of the perfect jobs for people with anxiety.  Do feelings of anxiety tend to interfere with your work life? Is your morning ritual of waking up and driving to work associated with excessive worrying, agitation, restlessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, or even panic attacks? If so, then it might be time to … Read more