Is Hangxiety (Hangover Anxiety) From Alcohol a Real Thing?


Have you ever experienced a bout of hangover anxiety after a night of drinking alcohol? If so, you know that Hangxiety is a very real thing. Drinking alcohol, especially to excess, affects everyone differently. Some wake up the next day and feel just fine. Others barely make it out of bed, and the brave ones … Read more

Alcoholic Neuropathy Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Alcoholic Neuropathy

Excessive alcohol consumption, especially for long-term drinkers, can create a host of difficult health issues. Of course, there is the potential for addiction, but developing a painful condition known as Alcoholic Neuropathy is something few people know about. Nerve damage from this condition can be permanent, although many of the painful symptoms are likely to … Read more

Sober Happy Hour – Alcohol-Free Way to Drink and Socialize

sober happy hour

Sober Happy Hour is a growing movement to continue socializing while drinking alcohol-free drinks. And it’s not as boring as some might think. One of the hardest things, especially for people new to recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, is not just the adjustment to literal sobriety, but also the change in personal social rituals. … Read more

Alcohol Dementia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

alcohol dementia

Note: Alcohol Dementia goes by many names including, alcohol-related dementia, alcoholic dementia, and alcohol-induced dementia. April is Alcohol Awareness Month and it’s an ideal time to examine some of the health concerns surrounding alcohol use and misuse so everyone can be better informed about the dangers of this widely accepted substance of choice for many … Read more

How to Stay Clean and Live the Sober Life

sober life

Drinking and drug use are forms of self-medication that many of us engage in to soothe emotional pain, usually stemming from some sort of adverse childhood experiences. Unfortunately for some who become addicted, trying to stay clean and sober and live the sober life is a lifelong journey. According to the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study … Read more

12 Things To Do After Rehab for Addiction Treatment

life after rehab

Most people who complete an addiction treatment program agree it can be difficult, but ultimately worth it. Understanding what to do after rehab can form the foundation for a long-lasting recovery. Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder for alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both is often one of the hardest decisions a person … Read more

10 Questions to Ask When Searching for Addiction Rehab

addiction rehab

Searching for the perfect addiction rehab can be overwhelming for most people. Whether you’re searching for yourself or someone you love, you’ll want to get it right, the first-time. The truth is, each person who decides to make the heroic journey toward recovery has their own set of unique circumstances. For this reason, it’s crucial to … Read more

Stages of Change Addiction Recovery (Transtheoretical Model)

stages of change

In the journey from substance use disorder to recovery, every person experiences changes in their mindset and perspective. These are known as the Stages of Change, based on the “Transtheoretical Model of Change.” The Stages of Change provide a broad outline of what most people undergoing treatment for addiction can expect throughout their time in … Read more

Dry January – 12 Tips For a Successful Sober New Year

dry january

New Year’s resolutions can feel like a formula for failure, especially if we’re trying to change long-held, unhealthy habits like consuming too much alcohol. Enter Dry January, a social movement widely attributed to a campaign started by a nonprofit organization in the UK around 2014. Dry January was such a resounding success in the UK … Read more

What is a High Functioning Alcoholic or Functional Alcoholic?

functioning alcoholic

It’s incredibly easy for anyone to develop an alcohol use disorder (AUD) or become what’s known as a “high functioning alcoholic” or “functional alcoholic.” Regular alcohol use, even when it teeters on abuse, is in many ways a staple of American life. Consider how many events people regularly attend that include alcohol, such as work … Read more