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Signs Of Addiction To Watch For

signs of drug addiction

Addiction is a serious disease and it is imperative for it to be regarded as such. If addiction is left untreated it can result in a myriad of adverse effects for the addicted individual. The timeframe for the possible effects can range in severity and manifest in the short-term and long-term. The most severe possible … Read more

Side Effects of Marijuana

marijuana side effects

Understanding the side effects of marijuana is more important now than ever since its use is on the rise as laws surrounding weed are being relaxed throughout the United States. Many states, such as Alaska, California, Washington and Nevada now allow adults over the age of 21 to use Marijuana for recreational purposes. Other states … Read more

MDMA Drug, Molly, Ecstasy. What are they and What are the Effects?

mdma drug

The MDMA Drug is considered a party drug that goes by many street names including: Molly Ecstasy E XTC Hug Drug Love Drug More accurately, MDMA is often the main active ingredient in these street drugs. MDMA is an illegal psychoactive drug that alters chemicals in the brain, which produces feelings of empathy, elevated mood, … Read more

9 Celebrities Who Overcame Their Heroin Drug Addiction

Celebs and Heroin Addiction

In the past, many famous people have kept quiet about their addictions. Thanks to the information age, many celebs have now opened up about their addictions. When searching for famous people and celebrities who overcame heroin addiction, it’s sad to find out that so many died at a young age. Fortunately, there are others who … Read more

Oxycodone Side Effects and Dependence or Addiction

Oxycodone Side Effects

What is Oxycodone? Oxycodone is an opioid drug, commonly known under the brand names Oxycontin and Percocet. It is primarily prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain, although it’s important to be aware of Oxycodone side effects for anyone that is taking it. In addition to treating pain, it is sometimes prescribed as a cough … Read more

Neurofeedback Therapy Cheat Sheet

Neurofeedback Cheat Sheet

This Neurofeedback Cheat Sheet is a quick guide that explains how Neurofeedback Therapy and neurotherapy brainwave imaging works, and the benefits of using it for mental health and addiction recovery. When it comes to the treatment of illness, chronic disease, and even injuries, one of the most effective ways for health care professionals to diagnose … Read more

When Did the War on Drugs Start?

war on drugs history

Many drugs that are currently illegal, such as opium, cocaine, and psychedelic drugs, have been around for thousands of years, and used for both spiritual and medical purposes. Certain drugs throughout the years, however, have become illegal. This motion, put forth by the government, is not due to a scientific assessment of the risks that … Read more

Gabapentin High, Side Effects and Dangerous Misuse

gabapentin high

There’s no hiding from it, the opioid crisis is making headlines the world over. At the same time, prescriptions for gabapentin rose 64% (2012 to 2016) resulting what is sometimes called the Gabapentin high leading to one of the most commonly misused drugs in many states. But, why has this boom in Gabapentin happened? Gabapentin … Read more

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms, Treatment and Detox

cocaine withdrawal symptoms

Giving up a stimulant substance like cocaine has a complex psychological effect on the recovering addict. As such, people with a history of depression, bipolar, anxiety or suicidal thoughts who are giving up a cocaine habit need to get help with detox in addition to addiction treatment to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. People that have … Read more