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Triple C Side Effects and Abuse

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Contrary to common misconceptions, over-the-counter drugs like Triple C are not automatically safe just because they’re readily available in local pharmacies and convenience stores. Sure, they’re less potent and pose a lower risk than illegal street drugs or highly-regulated prescription drugs—but doesn’t to make them risk-free. Several categories of over-the-counter drugs are prone to abuse … Read more

Long Term Side Effects of Drugs and Addiction

side effects of drugs

There’s a lengthy list of long-term side effects of drugs and addiction that affect both the body and mind, and many people might already be familiar with some of them. Trying to remember when did the war on drugs start is now a distant memory that has lead to addiction across the country including an … Read more

Top 10 Worst Drugs and Most Dangerous Drugs

worst drugs and most dangerous drugs

Americans are more likely to die from drug abuse and misuse than any other preventable health risk. For this reason, it’s important to identify some of the worst drugs and some of the most dangerous drugs. According to data provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), deaths related to substance abuse have tripled … Read more

Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

is addiction a disease

Is addiction a disease?  Is alcoholism genetic? Or is it simply a personal choice? These are all questions that we’ll discuss in this article. Plus, we’ll take a look at recovery and what it really means. We’ll also look at 12 symptoms of addiction and contributing factors for developing an addiction and whether or not … Read more

12 Common Household Products and Foods that can Cause False Positive Drug Tests

foods that can cause a false positive drug test

Did you know there are commonly-found household products and foods that can cause false positive drug tests? As a student or professional, there comes a time when you have to provide a urine sample for drug testing. Let’s assume you’re a strong candidate for your dream job and the interview panel is demanding a drug … Read more