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Jobs for People with Anxiety (Low Stress Jobs)

jobs for people with anxiety

Lets look at some of the perfect jobs for people with anxiety.  Do feelings of anxiety tend to interfere with your work life? Is your morning ritual of waking up and driving to work associated with excessive worrying, agitation, restlessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, or even panic attacks? If so, then it might be time to … Read more

Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

is addiction a disease

Is addiction a disease?  Is alcoholism genetic? Or is it simply a personal choice? These are all questions that we’ll discuss in this article. Plus, we’ll take a look at recovery and what it really means. We’ll also look at 12 symptoms of addiction and contributing factors for developing an addiction and whether or not … Read more

Alcohol Blackout & Getting Blackout Drunk: Causes, Dangers & Prevention

alcohol blackouts

Ever been blackout drunk or had an alcohol blackout? That is, have your memories after a night of binge drinking turned ‘dark’ after a certain point—whereby you’re seemingly on auto-pilot? Contrary to common assumptions, alcohol blackouts are a big deal and there’s nothing normal about the incidents. You should not shrug them off as part … Read more

Addictive Personality Disorder

addictive personality

The last decade has seen an increase in reported cases of substance abuse. Behavioral addictions also represent a significant public health concern. The need to understand an addictive personality disorder has consequently increased, with seemingly contradicting reports from studies exploring the correlation between addiction and personality traits. In one such study, 216 addicted people and … Read more