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A Month of Awareness: National Recovery Month + Suicide Prevention Month

awareness month

September is National Recovery Month and National Suicide Prevention Month to create awareness about each of these important mental health issues that sometimes intersect. Let’s begin by giving you some framework on how to best think about addiction. Imagine a close friend or family member is diagnosed with heart disease. Then, despite the fact that … Read more

Life After Relapse and 7 Ways to Stay Sober

life after relapse

Facing the fallout of a relapse can feel devastating for a person in recovery from addiction, but it’s important to know that you haven’t failed and there is life after relapse. In truth, setbacks are a normal part of recovery and it’s certainly not a reason to throw away all of the hard work that … Read more

Substance Induced Disorders Causes and Treatment

substance induced disorders

The consequences of alcohol and drug abuse can create problems with work, school, and personal relationships. Even for people without a history of addiction, drugs and alcohol can cause mental and physical health issues known as Substance Induced Disorders (SIDs). These issues can severely impair a person’s ability to live a normal life. Fortunately, most … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Bad Habit vs. Addiction?

bad habit vs addiction

Many people wonder how to know when a bad habit becomes an addiction. It can be difficult to say depending on the type of habit or behaviors involved, especially if they include certain substances. First, it’s important to understand the differences and similarities between a bad habit vs. addiction. We are all, by nature, creatures … Read more

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms, Detox and Treatment

meth withdrawal symtpoms

While it might be in the news as much these days, it’s important to understand meth withdrawal symptoms, detox, and treatment because methamphetamine abuse and addiction is still a very real problem in many parts of the United States. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that an estimated 1.6 million … Read more

Addiction Rehab : 8 Excuses Used To Avoid It

addiction rehab

In case you haven’t heard all the excuses addicts use to avoid going to addiction rehab, we’ve outlined some of the most common ones here. Anyone with sufficient time in recovery will tell you that it’s incredibly rewarding and life altering. But like anything else, it comes with challenges and struggles. Understanding that and anticipating … Read more

What is Polysubstance Abuse and Use?

polysubstance abuse

Polysubstance Abuse, or using more than one drug at a time, is increasingly common. The average adult in the United States is taking 4 medications at any one point in time. So it’s not surprising that 2 million serious adverse drug reactions (ADRs) occur every year in the U.S. – resulting in 106,000 deaths annually … Read more

4 Types of Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use

bipolar disorder

It’s important to understand the 4 types of bipolar disorder and how they can impact substance use. While the public’s perception of recovery is commonly watered down to a simple solution of detox, 12-steps, and willpower, proper mental health and addiction treatment is actually far more complicated. While a commitment to abstinence and accountability works … Read more

How to Stay Clean and Live the Sober Life

sober life

Drinking and drug use are forms of self-medication that many of us engage in to soothe emotional pain, usually stemming from some sort of adverse childhood experiences. Unfortunately for some who become addicted, trying to stay clean and sober and live the sober life is a lifelong journey. According to the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study … Read more

12 Things To Do After Rehab for Addiction Treatment

life after rehab

Most people who complete an addiction treatment program agree it can be difficult, but ultimately worth it. Understanding what to do after rehab can form the foundation for a long-lasting recovery. Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder for alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both is often one of the hardest decisions a person … Read more